What some folks are saying about us…  

Jon Spear VP, Central Virginia Blues Society, Charlottesville, VA 
"Don DePoy is a treasure trove of musical memorabilia -- not only is he a great teller of stories from personal experience but his musical talents are exceptional and endlessly entertaining. He can pick the hell out of anything with strings and put a smile on your face at the same time. Teamed with the beautiful Martha Hills and her big doghouse bass, these two play Americana music at its best." 
       If I added more it would be: "Don and Martha have breathed new life into the music presented by the Shenandoah Music Trail program and helped preserve its status as a 'must see' part of music appreciation in our region." 

The Virginia Commission for the Arts Grant Review Committee, Richmond, VA 
 “Donald DePoy and Martha Hills (Me & Martha) are hardworking artists that have many good qualities and years of experience.  This duo lives to play and they do play all over the place.  Programs are cost effective and fill a niche with performances in schools, libraries, museums, house concerts, festivals and health and rehab programs.  Me & Martha have excellent references and credentials and they deliver what they say they will.   Performing in over 250 shows a year for the past four years; they serve an important role in providing programming and quality entertainment to their audiences.”  

Steve Mandell (Dueling Banjos), Owings Mills, MD  
“I first met Martha and Don as hosts at a Shenandoah Valley bluegrass jam and was immediately impressed by their musicianship and singing.  However, what really impressed me was their presence.  They instantly just make everyone feel at ease and welcome.  Don’s thumb-picking style guitar playing is one of the best I have ever heard.  He can pick complicated lead as well as keep the driving rhythm necessary in traditional Appalachian string-band music.  Don is a master bluegrass banjoist.  Following the unique style of the Shenandoah Valley, Don’s plays the distinct melody line in and around the right-hand roll patterns.  Then the tune soars off to see how many variations can be made before coming back around ending with the melody.   
     Martha’s infectious smile can brighten the darkest corners.  She fronts the Me & Martha Show and her on-stage banter with Don entertains and delights audiences of every age.  Through each song, Martha’s bass playing compliments their musical journey and provides a solid beat for instrumental excursions.  Her strong lead and coupled with her tight harmony vocals makes Me & Martha a top notch touring duo.  Me & Martha is family entertainment at its best.”  

Eddie & Martha Adcock, Nashville, TN  
“We believe that Donald DePoy and Martha Hills are keepers of the flame of ‘real’ music.  Whatever they do, they do with their whole hearts!  We, with unreserved enthusiasm, support their music endeavors”.  

Ralph Lee Smith, Performer, Author and Music Historian, Reston, VA  
“Don DePoy and Martha Hills are national treasures of America’s Mountain Music.  They bring to their audiences their own unique blend of an immense repertoire of old songs and tunes, exciting performance skills, and a near-magical ability to combine education and fun.”  

Al Hawks, Bluegrass and Country Music Pioneer, Portland, ME  
“Don & Martha give a genuine and authentic rendition of Southern mountain music. You can see why they are in great demand for live performances everywhere. The love and respect for the music they present at shows is obvious in their performances. Educational, yes... but entertaining, definitely! They are a must act to see.”  

Dennis M. Lynch, Executive Director, the Shenandoah Valley Music Festival, Orkney Springs, VA  
 “When I was programming our Bluegrass Mini-Festival at the Shenandoah Valley Music Festival, I wanted to do an outreach program, something in line with our music education mission. Using the word ‘educational’ in the context of a concert can sometimes be the kiss of death for audiences. They’re not coming out to be educated; they’re coming out to have fun!  I hired Me and Martha because I knew of Don’s background in teaching and his knowledge of the history of mountain music. No worries at all.  It was a fun, lively, informative and, yes, educational event. The public left knowing a whole lot more about mountain music than they did before – and they had a great time.”  

Joe Dinardo, Organizer, BoxerWoodstock Festival, Lexington, VA  
Hey Martha and Don, I can't thank you enough for all that you did to make this year’s BoxerWoodstock an incredible success. Parents and Grandparents were just glowing watching the children learning how to play their new Uke's. The faces on the children were absolutely priceless ... what a great thing it is to watch you share your gift with others ... again, thank you so much for coming and being part of the event. Again, thank you both everything ...  
(Martha & Don had taught 25 children to play uke in a 30-minute stage presentation)  

John Blank, Entertain Committee, Woodstock Heritage Museum, Woodstock, VA  
Just a closing note to express sincerest Thanks music to both you and Don for putting on a terrific program on behalf of the Woodstock Museum last night. Despite the inclement weather the turnout filled the room and the audience enthusiasm for both your music and musical knowledge was quite evident.  Many attendees came up to me at the close, expressing very positive opinions about your presentation, in fact several folks suggested that "we" bring you back again soon!  
     On a personal note, aside from very much enjoying the overall program, I was most impressed with Don's talented skills on so many different instruments, along with your ability to imprint you own special "flavor" on an old Patsy Cline standard. I consider the voice as a "special" musical instrument and both of you have impressive vocal "instruments".  I also noted how enthusiastically the audience reacted (myself included) to your very funny Girl Scout campfire song.   Thanks again.      All the best, John