Hard to believe it's 2019 and February 8th -  Hope you enjoy our WebSite - We however, do not devote a lot of time here.
Things that are here are accurate and up to date.  If you need to communicate…


Been a GREAT Start for 2017

We are continuing our Grant from the Virginia Commission for the Arts visiting communities in SW Virginia, NW Virginia, Eastern Shore, and South Side.  We are bringing live music to the poorest counties in Virginia to the poorest residents.  Our…

Keeping up with Me & Martha

We are in a word very BUSY - We have scheduled over 210 gigs for 2016 and keeping up the website is desirable and we will when we can.
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Don DePoy

April 1 - No foolin' Where does the time go?

Martha and I have been busy to say the least.  So far, Martha has booked over 180 concerts for 2016. The month of March we had 2 days off.  We took a road trip and gigged all the way down…

HAPPY NEW YEAR & Happy Birthday Martha!

We've been a bit too busy to write in our web-site blog.  We finished out 2015 with our 218th gig.  We took the month of January 2016 off the road, doing only 5 local gigs all month and catching up…

Can it really be November?

It is hard to believe that two months have past since our last blog.   Time sure does fly by if you're having fun.  We are now at the time of the year where we look to 2016 for bookings.  For…

Where did August go?

We have been busy working up new songs, adding new clients (we have over 225), doing 27 gigs, had family visiting from Maine, and sailed for the first time on Rosie (more about Rosie on Facebook on July 29th posting)…

Finishing up in Roanoke Today

Finishing up with two gigs in Roanoke and heading home this afternoon - The aduiences just love our new show.  It's a lot of work to bring out a new show and hone the dialogue but worth the effort.  Home…

Hanging out at Home

In from a GREAT road trip.  Turned out to be 14 gigs - 5- days.  Now we are home tending to our plants and garden, catching up on chores, and blackberrys almost done and corn is just starting to coming…

On the Road Again!

We are packing!  On the road again starting Monday, July 20th 13-gigs 5-days in the Richmond Area.  It's going to be fun.
On our off-the-road time we've put together 2 new 17-song set lists - Working up new material takes…

Cape Horn Gale - Sea Shanties posted

Yesterday I finished adding Cape Horn Gale by Richard Burbank and Don DePoy== Was recrded at a time when I was a sailboat charter captain.  We called it Seagrass